Photography, for me, is capturing an illuminated moment. One that cannot, and never will be, recreated.   Every day is new, from the tiniest water drop underfoot, to the enormous clouds above, and all the lovely things in between. What sets them apart and makes them special is the way they are shaped by the light.

It’s all about the light.  I am driven by its eternal beauty and the way it paints the earth and surrounding heavens with color.   There is a narrow window of opportunity within each day that lends its self to this illustrious bath.  That time when day and night intermingle.  During this juncture is when the magic happens.  I strive to capture images that evoke atmosphere and mood.  Not just the landscape, but the very ‘soul’ of the land.

I love the natural world and spend much of my spare time camping and hiking, especially back-country hiking.  I’ve witnessed beauty that few will ever see.  From deep within the wilderness of Dolly Sods, along the ridge line of the North Fork Mountain, to the cliffs of the New River Gorge, and the waterfalls and trails of the southern coalfields.

Within my state, there is inconceivable beauty and diversity.  I attempt to see and chronicle photographically as much of it as I possibly can.  Generally, I am a quiet person.  I truly believe that photography allows me to express that which I cannot express verbally.  When taking a photograph my desire is for the viewer to not just see the image with their eyes but to feel the image with their heart.  The quest to capture and interpret the wonders of nature is rewarding to me beyond measure.

Thank you, for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy my explorations as much as I do.



4 Responses to “About”

  1. HI Teresa,
    That just about wraps it up.
    You forgot to mention what a nice person you are. (-:

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Your pics are so beautiful, as are you. Hope you see n know, I’m sure you do, how wonderfully blessed you are by God in your talent and everything you are and have in this life. Yes, God is an awesome creator and you have found how to capture His great work in such a way that it does touch my heart and surely everyone one elses. I love you and are blessed to have you part of my family. p.s. I think these pic should be show cased on your website!! 🙂 love you, Candice

    • Thank you, Candice.
      I do know how very blessed I am, and I love the talent that God has given me. You are a sweetheart. 🙂
      Love you too.

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