I have a few.

“The Mountains help to reawaken forgotten dreams.” – Gaston Rebuffat, Between Heaven and Earth

Within the 63,000 acres of New River Gorge National River are over 1,400 established rock climbs. “The New” has become one of the most popular climbing areas in the country. The cliffs at New River Gorge are made up of a very hard sandstone, and range from 30 to 120 feet in height. The rock is very featured, and an abundance of crack and face routes are available. Most of the routes in the gorge favor the advanced and expert climber. The majority of routes are 5.9 and harder, and most sport routes fall in the 5.10 – 5.12 range.

Last year, I embarked on a journey filled with adrenaline rush. Rock climbing will push you to your limits. It’s a sport that appears extremely dangerous but when taking the proper precautions, is incredibly safe. With my friends and family by my side I’ve climbed numerous routes in the Gorge. Successes – many; with an equal amount failures.

My goal this summer is to complete the 5.9+ “Supercrack”. It resides on the buttress known as Thunder, among the taller cliffs in the gorge. One of the hardest maneuvers is at the beginning; thus depleting your arms before you start up the giant face. It also has a tilt that prevents resting. You must hold on to the rock at all times or you will swing away from the cliff and have to start all over.

It’s a doozy no doubt. Kicked my butt and took some skin. It’s been callin’ out my name; taunting me. So I’m going back to settle the score…or die trying. : )


~ by Teresa Stover on 03/17/2010.

4 Responses to “goals”

  1. Your love for this place is, and sharing your experiences and photos is always a treat and uplifting for me.
    Thanks again as always T!

  2. Hmmm, maybe it is West Virginia that’s almost heaven. Nice set of pictures. I especially like the top one in this post.

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