trek to the north pole

I’m notorious for spur of the moment things and this particular adventure was exactly that.  It was more like a midnight run to the north pole seeing that we didn’t leave until six in the evening and at best it’s a four-hour trip during warm summer months. I had received news that 32, one of the routes to Blackwater Falls/ Canaan Valley area , was closed due to the winter storm. Knowing that we chose to take 219.  Luckily it was open, scraped and passable. Upon entering Tucker County it was truly a sight to behold.  All of the trees were painted with fresh snow. So much snow in fact, the National guard had been called in to clean it up.

I was in awe at the size and depth of snow drifts in the area, and knew right away that snowshoes would be needed if I was going to take any photographs. First thing Saturday morning was to do just that, and afterward,  hike the Elakala trail.  The enchanted hemlock forest that I had remembered was turned into the land of Narnia.  Snow packs in excess of three to four feet.  I’ve never seen as much snow as I did on this day.

The wildlife is suffering terribly because of the massive amount of snow fall. The deer are begging for food outside  Blackwater Lodge, and on the road ways.  Five of them approached the Jeep as we were leaving the park Sunday. I felt so sorry for them.  I know that you are not supposed to feed wildlife; but I must say, I had never been more temped to than on this occasion.

There was only two ways to get to Lindy Point, one of my favorite destinations in the park. By skis or by snowshoes.  I was enlightened this weekend, to the fact, that snowshoes are very tiring to hike in, and saddened that the four plus miles that we walked, was in vain. The light was poor and the snow relentless.

None of my photos from the mad dash northward turned out well; however, it was an adventure and most definitely beat sitting on the couch.


~ by Teresa Stover on 03/03/2010.

2 Responses to “trek to the north pole”

  1. A lovely adventure T…I enjoyed the narrative and the photos. I envy your adventure. I know it was great fun and exciting.

    • It was a beautiful and very exciting adventure. Not very fruitful as far as photography is concerned. However, it was something to see all that snow. A wintry wonderland. Thank you, Freddy.

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